Occupational Therapy Upcoming Renewals and

CE requirements for Florida licensed Occupational Therapists and Occupational Therapy Assistants.

Here are the Continuing Education requirements for the current licensure biennium, March 1, 2017 through February 28, 2019.

  • A minimum of twenty-six (26) hours of approved continuing education which includes two (2) hours in Prevention of Medical Errors, and two (2) hours in Florida Laws and Rules for Occupational Therapy.
  • Courses must be completed during the biennium beginning March 1, 2017 through February 28, 2019.
  • No more than twelve (12) hours of home study per biennium. All of the courses offered by CE for Health Care Professionals-Florida are home study.
  • At least fourteen (14) of the required hours must be in person or from interactive, real-time courses.
  • The Florida Board of Occupational Therapy specifically reviews and approves the Prevention of Medical Errors course and the Florida Laws and Rules for Occupational Therapy course.  See a list of approved courses on the Board website (Link to Board website on our Professional Links page).
  • Our Medical Errors course and our Laws and Rules course have each been reviewed and approved by the Board and can be taken for credit by Florida OTs and OTAs.
  • See a copy of the Board rule on CE requirements on our website for full details: Florida Laws and Rules Update.

The CE requirements for Newly Licensed persons are different.

  • All newly licensed OTs and OTAs must take a 2 hour course in Medical Errors (even though just taken as an applicant) and a 1 hour course in HIV/AIDS.
  • If licensed in the first half of the biennium, take all 26 credit hours including Medical Errors, Laws and Rules, AND 1 hour credit of HIV/AIDS.
  • If licensed in the second half of the biennium,  exempt from taking CE except for the 2 hour Medical Errors and 1 hour HIV/AIDS courses. Check the front of your license for the licensure date.