Florida Occupational Therapy Course List

Special Price Packages

Special Price Number 1

Order both MANDATORY courses (Prevention of Medical Errors, Laws and Rules) at the same time for the discounted price of $36.00. You will automatically be charged $36 instead of $40 if you select both of the mandatory courses. Take the courses anytime in any sequence.


Special Price Number 2

Order ANY combination of 6 two (2) credit courses, mandatory or elective, totaling 12 hours at the same time for the very special discounted price of $89.00. You will automatically be charged $89.00 instead of $120.00 if you select six 2-hour courses at the same time. Take the courses anytime in any sequence.


(Mandatory 2 hour  course - $20.00)
All licensed Florida health care practitioners, including Occupational Therapists and Occupational Therapy Assistants, must take a 2-hour course in Prevention of Medical Errors each license renewal biennium. Our course has been specifically reviewed and approved by the Florida Board of Occupational Therapy Practice. The course is included on the list of approved Medical Errors courses found on the Board website. The course also contains the additional materials required by the Board rule.


(Mandatory 2 hour course - $20.00)
All Florida licensed OTs and OTAs must take a 2-hour course on the Laws and Rules governing the profession every two years prior to license renewal.  Our course has been approved by the Board and appears on the list of approved Laws and Rules courses found on the Board website. The course is written by an attorney familiar with state health care regulation. The course materials include a copy of the current Board Rules and Florida Statutes. The course is newly updated and contains the latest rule changes and Board disciplinary actions.

The Opioid Crisis in the U.S. – The Basics for Florida Health Care Professionals

(Elective 2 hour course -  $20.00)
NEW COURSE: This two (2) credit course covers the opioid epidemic that is killing many Americans every day. The increase in prescription opiate drugs for chronic pain and the surge in illegal opiate drugs is described. The causes for the opiate crisis and the efforts to stop the crisis are detailed. Federal and state action are covered with special emphasis on Florida laws cracking down on pill mills and doctor shopping. The reactions of the American Medical Association, the chiropractic, massage, physical therapy and other health care professional associations are related. Covers an explanation of how addiction occurs and what drugs are being abused, and what drugs are being used to treat addiction.


(Elective 2 hour course - $20.00)
A 2-hour elective course that includes the historical and Florida legal background on domestic violence. Includes the current research on the dynamics of domestic violence, and the role of health care professionals in the recognition and treatment of domestic violence.


(Elective 2 hour course - $20.00)
A 2 hour elective that includes the Florida law on sexual misconduct by health care professionals, and the discipline process and penalties for engaging in sexual misconduct. Includes the federal and state laws on sexual discrimination and harassment in the work place.


(Elective 2 hour course - $20.00)
A 2 hour elective course that covers the basics of the rapidly growing field of Health Information Technology (HIT). Includes the federal laws that requires health care professionals, including occupational therapists, hospitals and health care facilities to use electronic medical records (EHRs). Covers meaningful use, privacy provisions, certification and electronic exchange of EHR systems. Annotated Bibliography and HIT Glossary are included.


(Elective 2 hour course - $20.00)
This course provides two hours on personal and professional ethics, and the regulation of Florida licensed occupational therapists and occupational therapy assistants. Traces the development and role of professional associations and state licensure laws. The disciplinary rules of the Florida Board of Occupational Therapy Practice are related to the AOTA Code of Ethics and the differences are described. Includes a copy of the "Code of Ethics and Ethics Standards" of the American Occupational Therapy Association.

The Affordable Care Act-Basics and Debate

(Elective 2 hour course - $20.00)
This course provides 2 hours of home study credit about the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, or the Affordable Care Act - the most controversial health care reform law since 1965. The course covers the basics of the complicated health care reform law, and the ongoing controversies and debates about the "individual mandate," Medicaid expansion, health care insurance coverage, and reimbursement policies. The U.S. Supreme Court ruling and its impact on the law are also explained. The controversial position of Florida government on health care exchanges and the expansion of Medicaid, and the ongoing national debate about the law are highlighted. A set of related definitions is included.


(No longer a mandatory course except for new licensees; Elective course for all licensees, 1 hour $16.00)
As of July 1, 2006, this 1 hour course is not required for initial licensure, but must be taken prior to the first license renewal after licensure. The course can be taken as an elective course for CE credit by all other licensed OTs and OTAs.

Medicare and Medicaid-Differences and similarities for Florida health care professionals

(Elective 1 hour course - $16.00)
NEW COURSE: This one (1) credit general elective course highlights and details the differences and similarities of the Medicare and Medicaid health care coverage systems which covers almost 40% of the U.S. population. It explains the different eligibility criteria between the two systems and the different benefits under each system. The rampant health care fraud found throughout Florida and state of Florida and federal efforts to prosecute health care facilities and licensed health care professionals for fraud are explained.