Applicants for Florida Massage Therapy License by Examination or by Endorsement.

Applicants for licensure by Endorsement and Examination must take a 10 hour course in Florida Laws and Rules on Massage Therapy as part of the application process. If the applicant completed 10 hours of Laws and Rules while attending a Florida massage school, that course counts for the application process. Applicants who need the 10 hour Laws and Rules course can take our home study course.

Legislative change. Effective July 1, 2016, all applicants for a Florida health care profession license no longer have to take a 2 hour Prevention of Medical Errors CE course prior to licensure. However, once licensed, the licensee must take a 2 hour Prevention of Medical Errors course every two year license renewal period, including the first renewal.

Our courses are approved and accepted by the Florida Board of Massage Therapy for Applicants for a license. Florida CE Approved Provider No. 50-312.

Note, if you are applying for a license, you must submit your Certificate of Course Completion to the Board yourself as part of your application materials.  We do not submit the course credits taken by applicants to the Board or to CE Broker.

Once you complete the courses, print out and mail or fax copies of the Certificates of Course completion to the Board with your other application materials. If applying online, fill out the Board's form with the information requested. You can also email a copy of the Certificate of Course Completion from our website to yourself or to any one else.

You can always access your Account and obtain a copy of the Certificates in the future by using the "Member Login" feature on the home page of our website.

Once you are licensed, add your license number to your Account with our company to receive credit for future courses.