Florida Clinical Laboratory Personnel

Laws and Rules Updates

The Florida Department of Health has now phased in a system of combining license renewal and CE compliance.

The system requires the licensee to have all CE requirements completed and entered into the continuing education tracking system (CE Broker) before the State of Florida will approve the  license renewal.

  • Once you complete a course from our company CE for Health Care Professionals-Florida, we automatically, immediately send your CE credits to CE Broker using your state of Florida Laboratory Personnel License Number.
  • CE Broker is a private company that tracks the continuing education (CE) courses taken by all health care licensees of the Florida Department of Health. The Department of Health contracts with CE Broker and uses their system to verify continuing education compliance by Florida health care licensees who are renewing their license.
  • Applicants for a license are not covered by CE Broker.
  • CE Broker creates a Transcript for each licensee as the CE Provider submits course credits to it. All Florida Approved Continuing Education Providers, like CE for Health Care Professionals - Florida, must register their courses with CE Broker.
  • Once a licensee completes a CE course, the CE Provider submits the course details to CE Broker using the licensee’s Florida license number.
  • The licensee does NOT have to subscribe to CE Broker, but may set up a Free Basic Services Account to see their Transcript. Note that many national associations do not submit their CE credits to CE Broker, but licensees can self-submit these credits to CE Broker for free.

    See our Professional Links page for a link to the CE Broker website.