How to Register, Order, Pay for and Successfully Complete Continuing Education Courses

Our system works best on a personal computer. Some of our functions work on a tablet or phone, but not all of the time and not on every devise.

You do not need to register or login on our site until you order courses. Read the information on the site, decide what you want to order, then go to the Order Online Courses link at the upper left of our Home Page.

The first time you order from our company, register on the "This is my First Order" section of the Order Page. Fields marked with an asterisk are required. Create (and remember) your Login Name and Password; they are both Case and Space Sensitive. You need these to login to Member Login to access the courses, tests, and Certificates.

If you have previously ordered courses, select "I am a Current Member" on the Order Page. The new courses are added to your previous Account creating a record of all courses you have taken from our company.

If you need help with your Login name and Password, send us an email (Contact Us) with your name (at time of previous order) and your profession.  Or try the Forgotten Password feature under Member Login.

Our site is secure when you order and pay for courses.

The secure pages where you enter credit/bank card information is hosted by PayPal, one of the most secure companies on the net. We have never had any security problems with our orders. And we do not sell or use your personal information in any way. We accept VISA, MasterCard, Discover or American Express. You can also pay through PayPal.

Once you order and pay, you get immediate unlimited access to your courses.

After approval, you will receive an email Receipt for your records. Access your Account by going to Member Login on our home page. Enter the username/login and password you created when you ordered. Your Account contains your courses, the tests, and  Instructions on how to proceed. Take as much time as you need, open and close the courses as often as you need, preview the test, take the test and the computer grades it. Once you pass, a Certificate of Course Completion appears, and your credits are sent immediately to CE Broker. We send your credits using your Florida license number. So enter it correctly, please.  You can return to our website from ANY computer, and go to Member Login to access your Account at ANY time in the future.

Update your Account profile's contact information and add your license number at any time.

Login to your Account via Member Login. Use the "Update Contact Info" button on the bottom of your Account page. Once you have changed your contact info, enter your password to confirm the changes. If you took our courses as an Applicant and become licensed in Florida, make sure you update your Florida license number.

Our courses are self-paced and flexible. Take as long as needed to read the courses and complete the tests. You can review the materials in any format you wish (online, offline, or print out). You can open and close the courses and tests as often as needed and from any computer. We do not impose any time limit on how long you have to complete a course; however be mindful of the renewal deadline for your license.

The test taking is easy. Course credits are sent to CE Broker immediately.

Tests must be taken online. The tests are not timed. All tests are in a "true / false" format with any blank answers counting as wrong. A score of 70% or more is considered passing. Take the test as many times as necessary to pass. You can open and preview the test without penalty. Once you pass the test, a new window appears which contains your Certificate of Course Completion, and our computer immediately electronically sends your credits to CE Broker using your Florida license number.

Your CE records with us are always in your Account.

Any time you need to see your CE records or get a copy of a Certificate of Course Completion, just log into your Account via Member Login. Your course taking history and Certificates are there. Open the "Certificate of Completion" link. Email or print the Certificate anytime.

Our Return policy

Contact us and ask for a refund if you have paid but NOT taken the courses. We will give you a full refund.  If you have taken the courses, and thus received credit, we do not provide refunds.