What is CE Broker?
(No, we are not CE Broker, we are CE for Health Care Professionals -Florida. But read further...)

"CE Broker" is a private company that tracks the Continuing Education (CE) courses taken by all health care practitioners licensed by the Florida Department of Health. The Florida Department of Health contracted with CE Broker and uses the CE Broker electronic tracking system to check for Continuing Education (CE) compliance when Florida health care practitioners renew their license.

History of CE Broker 

Several years ago, the Florida Legislature found that many health care licensees were not taking the required CE courses and in 2001 passed a law requiring the Department of Health to set up an "electronic CE tracking system." The Department then contracted with CE Broker to do the continuing education tracking.

How CE Broker Works:

  1. All of the state of Florida approved Continuing Education Course Providers, like our company, are required to register their courses with CE Broker. We then submit the names, license number, courses taken, and other information about the licensees who complete our courses to CE Broker.
  2. All state of Florida licensees of the Florida Department of Health have been placed in the CE Broker tracking system using the Florida license number for each health care practitioner.
  3. CE Broker then creates a "transcript" for each licensee, showing the courses taken and number of hours for each course. This is done for all licensees, using their license number, whether or not they have subscribed to CE Broker.
  4. Florida health care licensees must keep their own CE records. Licensees cannot see their records at CE Broker unless they subscribe and pay a fee or register under the "Basic Account" which is free. Licensees are not required to subscribe to CE Broker.
  5. Most national associations and CE providers from other states do not report to CE Broker. At the time of license renewal, the licensee can report (self-submit) these credits to CE Broker without subscribing.

THE BIG CHANGE - Integration of CE tracking system and state of Florida license renewal is happening now.

The Department of Health has now integrated the continuing education tracking system (CE Broker) with the state’s license renewal system. Starting in May 2013, when the individual licensee began the license renewal process, the Florida Department of Health checked their continuing education records at CE Broker for compliance.

How the 4 year integration process works, Phase I and Phase II: 

  1. Phase l started in May 2013.  At the time of licensure renewal, the state checked the CE Broker records for CE compliance, but it did not prevent license renewal. Phase I is now complete for all Florida licensed health care professionals.
  2. Phase II starts with all license renewals from May 2015 and forward. Phase II will require the licensee to have all CE requirements completed and entered into the continuing education tracking system (CE Broker) before the state will approve the license renewal.
  3.  See the link to the Department of Health webpage for the details of these new renewal procedures.

CE for Health Care Professionals is complying with the CE Broker rules.

Once a licensee completes a course from our company, we immediately, automatically and electronically (our computer to their computer) send the records of course completion to CE Broker using the licensee’s Florida license number. Note that it sometimes takes CE Broker up to 24 hours to add course credits to a transcript. We also keep all CE course completion records in case there is any error.

The CE Tracking System is only for LICENSEES of the state of Florida Department of Health.

We do not send information on Applicants, temporary licensees, or persons licensed in other states to CE Broker. Only health care licensees of the Florida Department of Health are tracked in CE Broker.

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